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Why is Pilates so expensive?

Pilates can often be perceived as expensive for several reasons, here is a list of several reason why you maybe paying more than your average keep fit class at your local village all.

Teachers Qualifications - Undergoing a Pilates Level 3 teaching qualification can take years to fully qualify. We typically undergo extensive training and certification programs, which can be costly. We invest time and money to attain the necessary expertise to teach Pilates effectively and safely and continue our professional development throughout our teaching career. With the industry not being regulated sadly there are now many teachers out there without the proper qualifications claiming to be Pilates teacher yet have just done a weekend course online. Always check your teachers qualifications before booking into a sessions, especially if you are recovering from injury or need extra support. 

Specialised Equipment - Traditional Pilates studios often feature specialised equipment such as Reformers, Cadillac’s, Chairs and Barrels, which can cost in their thousands to purchase and maintain. The cost of these equipment investments is often reflected in the pricing of Pilates classes.

Small Class Sizes - Pilates classes are often kept small to ensure individualised attention and proper form correction. This means that we can't accommodate as many participants per class compared to other group fitness classes, which can contribute to higher prices per session. 

Studio Overheads - Rent, utilities, insurance, travel and other operational expenses associated with running a Pilates studio can contribute to higher prices for classes.

Despite the higher cost, many people find the benefits of Pilates, including improved strength, flexibility, posture, and overall well-being, to be worth the investment. Mat Pilates classes tend to be cheaper than Reformer classes or Private sessions while still offering the many benefits of traditional Pilates equipment.

You can find a list and cost of my classes on the "classes" tab on my website. Pilates classes for beginners to advance in Harpenden, St Albans and Redbourn. I also run more senior Pilates classes in Barnet at Dyrham Park Country Club.

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